[Photo of Matthew] Professor Matthew England
Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC)
Faculty of Science
The University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW 2052 Australia



My principal research interests relate to the global-scale ocean circulation and its influence on regional climate. This involves research projects in the fields of large-scale physical oceanography, ocean modelling, and climate processes, with a particular focus on the Southern Hemisphere. Using ocean and coupled climate models in combination with observations, I study what controls ocean currents and how these currents affect climate and climate variability on time-scales of seasons to centuries. Below is a schematic diagram depicting some of the major highlights and geographic areas of interest in my research programs.

Specific research interests include the following:-
  • Large-scale physical oceanography, ocean/climate modelling, and climate processes.
  • The circulation and variability of the Southern Ocean and its role in regional climate patterns.
  • Parameterisation of mixing in ocean models. Oceanic transport of heat and freshwater.
  • Global-scale water-mass formation: mechanisms, variability and stability.
  • The ocean's thermohaline circulation, stability, and feedback to the atmosphere.
  • Ocean uptake of carbon dioxide and other atmospheric gases.
  • Modelling water-mass formation, ocean tracer transport and biogeochemistry.
  • The role of ocean gateways on global climate. Paleoclimate modelling.
  • Ocean processes in bays and harbours, including flushing rates and offshore exchange.
  • Ocean advection and mixing of biota and pathways of species transfer.


    Three recent research programs are profiled in more detail below:-

    1. A high-resolution global ocean tracer transport model for oceanographic, biological and environmental problems

    2. Water-mass variability in the Southern Ocean: separating natural fluctuations from long-term change

    3. Interannual rainfall extremes over southwest Western Australia linked to Indian Ocean climate variability

    [schematic diagram of study regions]