[Photo of Matthew] Professor Matthew England
Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC)
Faculty of Science
The University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW 2052 Australia


Other items of possible interest (including a few talks):

  • Opening Address 2017 - French Australian Conversation

  • UNSW 'Unsomnia' presentation on the dangers of ocean moderated global warming

  • Presentation made at the Boulder NCAR/MIT Southern Ocean workshop, April 2017

  • 2014 Presentation at the Australian Academy of Science (admission of new fellows)

  • CFC source code and documentation for MOM

  • Powerpoint presentation, Southern Hemisphere Climate Change, UNSW 2006, public lecture (without animations, 10 Mb).

  • Powerpoint presentation, Tracers in ocean and climate models, presented at APAC, Hobart, 2003.

  • The 2006 CEDL/TPAC/ARC NESS Workshop: "The CSIRO Mk3L climate model"

  • Table of chemical tracers used in ocean models [ England and Maier-Reimer, 2001 ].

  • Prediction of the fate of radioactive material released from Moruroa Atoll using a global high resolution ocean model.

  • WOCE newsletter article on using chemical tracers in ocean models (35, 6-11, June 1999).

  • Draft report for the modelling WG at the WOCE/AIMS Tracer workshop.

  • Final report for the Southern Ocean WG - WOCE/CLIVAR workshop.

  • WOCE 1998 Conference Poster

  • Model output from the England [1995] age simulations.