[Photo of Matthew] Professor Matthew England
Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC)
Faculty of Science
The University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW 2052 Australia



Research funding from competitive grants as Chief Investigator

(a) Australian Research Council (ARC) Grants:

  • ARC-Discovery DP190100494 (England, M.H., A. Hogg; A. Morrison; P. Spence; S. Griffies), 2019-2022: Risks of rapid ocean warming at the Antarctic continental margin.

  • ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes (CE17010023), Chief Investigator, 2017-2023.

  • ARC LIEF, 2019: Smith et al., Sustaining and strengthening merit-based access to National Computational Infrastructure (LE190100021).

  • ARC Linkage Project LP160100073 (Hogg, A., M.H. England et al.) 2016-2020: An Eddy-Resolving Global Ocean-Sea ice Model for Australia.

  • ARC Laureate Fellowship, 2011-2015: Future risks associated with ocean surface warming: impacts on climate, rainfall, carbon, and circulation (FL100100214)

  • ARC-Discovery DP150101331 (England, M.H., A. Sen Gupta, A. Santoso, S. McGregor, C. Ummenhofer, W. Cai, A. Timmermann), 2015-2017: Remote forcing of Pacific Ocean variability and impacts on global climate

  • ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science (CE110001028), 2011-2018.

  • ARC Federation Fellowship, 2006-2010: Genesis of Australian climate extremes in the Southern Hemisphere extratropical ocean-atmosphere (FF0561734)

  • ARC LIEF, 2014: Pitman et al., Connecting big data with high performance computing for climate science (LE150100089).

  • ARC Super Science Fellowships, 2010-2013: Precipitation-groundwater interactions over eastern Australia: climate change impacts at multiple scales (FS100100054)

  • ARC-Discovery DP110100601 (Sen Gupta, A., M.H. England, A. Taschetto, C. Ummenhofer, A. Karumuri, K. Raghavan, A. Sahai), 2011-2013: The changing relationship between the South Asian and Australian Monsoon in a warming world.

  • ARC LIEF, 2012: Botten et al. Enhanced merit-based access and support at the new NCI petascale supercomputing facility (LE120100181).

  • ARC-Linkage LP120100224 (Newell, B., B. Hayes, M. Brewer, S. Lewandowsky, A. Pitman, M.H. England, C. Mitchell), 2012-2014: Creating a climate for change: from cognition to consensus.

  • ARC-Discovery DP1094784 (England, M.H., A. Taschetto [APD] G. Meehl), 2010-2013: Modes of Pacific Ocean variability and their relationship to regional Southern Hemisphere climate.

  • ARC-Linkage LP0989778 (Wood, S.A., C.K. Carter, and M.H. England), 2009-2011: Using Advances in Bayesian Statistics to Estimate Australian Rainfall Variations in a Climate Change World.

  • ARC LIEF, 2009: Botten et al. A high performance computing cluster and storage for the INTERSECT Consortium of NSW (LE0989506).

  • ARC-Discovery DP0881798 (England, M.H., W. Sijp), 2008-2010: Coupled ocean-carbon-atmosphere feedbacks in the global climate system.

  • ARC-Discovery DP0667075 (England, M.H., A. Muller), 2006-2008: Abrupt Southern Hemisphere climate change: the role of the Southern Ocean thermohaline circulation.

  • ARC-Discovery DP0556939 (England, M.H., A. Taschetto, S.B. Power, and D.J. Karoly), 2005-2007: Australian climate extremes and predictability in a changing CO2 world: the unique role of the Southern Hemisphere extratropical ocean-atmosphere.

  • ARC-Networks (Pitman, A.J., J. Beringer, N. Bindoff, M.H. England and 46 others), 2004-2008: The ARC Earth Systems Science Network.

  • ARC-CSIRO Linkage, (APF: B. McNeil, PI: R. Matear), 2003-2005: Southern Ocean anthropogenic CO2 uptake.

  • ARC QEII Fellowship, 1998-2002: Circulation and variability in the Southern Ocean and its influence on Australian climate.

  • ARC Large Grant (England, M.H., and C.J.C. Reason), 2001-2003: Midlatitude variability in the Southern Ocean and its role in Australian climate.

  • (b) Other grants:

  • NZ Royal Society Marsden Grants (PI: Behrens, E., AI's: C. Boening, M.H. England, A. Hogg), 2017: Southern Ocean fronts - Still an un(re)solved mystery.

  • CSIRO Flagship Fellowship, 2005: Southern Ocean teleconnections to Australian climate.

  • Australian Antarctic Science Grant, 2004: Variability and stability of Antarctic Bottom Water.

  • UNSW Goldstar Award, 2004.

  • UNSW Faculty Research Grant, 2003.

  • UNSW UPRS, 2002: Southern Ocean water-masses: stability, variability and long-term change.

  • ARC Small Grant, 2000: A Southern Ocean Model Intercomparison Project.

  • ARC Small Grant, 1999: A Global Ocean Model Intercomparison Project.

  • Australian Academy of Science, 1997: Formation and stability of Antarctic Bottom Water.

  • ARC Small Grant, 1997: Circulation, dynamics and water-mass formation in the Southern Ocean.

  • ARC Small Grant, 1996: Topographic effects in ocean circulation models.

  • UNSW VC's Research Fellowship, 1995-1997.

  • Scholarships, Prizes and Awards

  • 2017 Tinker-Muse Prize for Science and Policy in Antarctica.

  • 2017 Sydney Institute of Marine Science Emerald Award.

  • 2016 UK Diamond Jubilee Visiting Fellow

  • Elected a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, 2016.

  • Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of NSW, 2015.

  • Elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, 2014.

  • NSW Scientist of the Year Award for Excellence in Mathematics, Earth Sciences, Chemistry and Physics, 2012

  • ARC Laureate Fellowship, 2011-2015.

  • ARC Federation Fellowship, 2006-2010.

  • 2010 Future Justice Prize.

  • Finalist, Eureka Prize for the Advancement of Climate Change Knowledge, 2010.

  • Land & Water Australia Eureka Prize for Water Research, 2008.

  • Inaugural Land and Water Australia "Cullen Oration", 2008.

  • Banksia Foundation Environmental Research Award, 2008.

  • The Royal Society of Victoria Research Medal, 2007.

  • Finalist, Land & Water Australia Eureka Prize for Water Research, 2007.

  • Eureka Prize for Environmental Research, 2006.

  • Finalist, Land & Water Australia Eureka Prize for Water Research, 2006.

  • Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS) Priestley Medal, 2005.

  • CSIRO Flagship Fellowship, 2005

  • Australian Academy of Science Frederick White Medal, 2004.

  • Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society RH Clarke Lecture 2004.

  • ARC QEII Fellowship, 1998-2002.

  • Fulbright Scholarship, 1991/1992.

  • University Medal, University of Sydney, 1987.

  • CSIRO Institute of Natural Resources and the Environment, Project Award, 1991-1992.

  • University of Sydney R. and M. Bentwich Scholarship, 1991.

  • Australian Postgraduate Research Award, 1990-1992.

  • CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarship, 1990-1992.

  • Grant-in-Aid (Lightoller) for travel to GFDL, Princeton, 1990.

  • Commonwealth Postgraduate Scholarship, 1989.

  • Summer Vacation Scholar, CSIRO Marine Research, 1986-1987, 1987-1988.

  • University of Sydney Marine Science Prize III, 1986.

  • University of Sydney Tim Brown Prize in Mathematical Statistics, 1985, 1986.