[Photo of Matthew] Professor Matthew England 1,2,3
(1) Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC)
(2) The ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science
(3) Centre for Southern Hemisphere Oceans Research (CSHOR)
Faculty of Science
The University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW Australia

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    Courses in Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences at UNSW:

  • MSCI3501 Fundamentals of Climate Change 6UOC (S1)

  • MSCI3001 Physical Oceanography 6UOC (S2)

  • MSCI5004 Oceanographic Processes 6UOC (S2)

  • MSCI0501 The Marine Environment 6UOC (S1, S2)

  • MATH3261 Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics 6UOC (S2)

  • MATH2240 Introduction to Oceanography and Meteorology 3UOC (S1)

  • MSCI2001 Introductory Marine Science 6UOC (S1, S2)

  • PHYS2801/PHYS2810 Atmospheric Science 6UOC (S1)


  • My contact details

  • Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences at UNSW

  • UNSW Ocean/Atmosphere Seminar Series

  • The Copenhagen Diagnosis, 2009

  • Co-chair, CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Region Implementation Panel

  • Chair, Science Advisory Panel to the Australian Climate Commission

  • Australian Academy of Science report; The Science of Climate Change: Q & A

  • Member, Climate Scientists Australia

  • Member, WCRP/CLIVAR/GEWEX Drought Interest Group

  • Member, Australian Academy of Science National Committee for Antarctic Research

  • Member, CLIVAR Working Group on Ocean Model Development

  • PMSEIC Report: Challenges at Energy-Water-Carbon Intersections

  • The ARC Research Network for Earth System Science

  • Opportunities for Antarctic and Southern Ocean Science (The Prime Minister's Science, Engineering and Innovation Council (PMSEIC) 2005 report)

  • Associate Editor, Reviews of Geophysics