Dr Markus Donat

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I am a Research Fellow at the University of New South Wales Climate Change Research Centre and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science.

My research has a focus on understanding variability and long-term changes in weather and climate extremes, by combining observational datasets and climate models. I am particularly interested in understanding the processes and mechanisms in the climate system that drive or amplify extremes, and to identify predictability of climate extremes. I also have a strong interest in developing high-quality observational datasets of climate extremes, suitable to investigate long-term trends and variability.


email: m.donat@unsw.edu.au
phone: (+61) 2 938 58963

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+++ 06 Dec 2017: I am thrilled to being awarded the WCRP/GCOS International Data Prize 2017 [link]

+++ 15 July 2017: New study published today in Geophysical Research Letters: The regional amplification of hot extremes relative to local mean warming is explained by a repartitioning of surface energy fluxes (consistent with drying soils) on the days when the hot extremes occur. [link]

+++ 1 October 2016: Our study investigating temperature and precipitation extremes over the past 100 years in gridded observations, reanalyses, and atmospheric model simulations has now been published in the Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres [link]

+++ 07 March 2016: Published today in Nature Climate Change: Our new study showing that precipitation extremes are intensifying on average over the dry and wet regions of the world. This intensification is consistent between observations and global climate models [link]

Useful links: Climdex.org - explore and download climate extremes data | Climate Change Research Centre