Dr Amandine Schaeffer, physical oceanographer


Coastal ocean dynamics has been my main interest since I graduated.
During my PhD at LSEET/MIO (Toulon, France), I investigated the representation of meso/sub-mesoscale dynamics in a high resolution ocean model of the Gulf of Lions (Mediterranean Sea).
In 2011, I joined the Coastal and Regional Oceanography Lab team at UNSW (Sydney, Australia www.oceanography.unsw.edu.au/) as a postdoctoral scholar, to work on the ocean circulation along the eastern Australian shelf.

My research is now primary based on coastal observations, from the national Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS), with a particular focus on cross-shelf dynamics, upwelling and frontal eddies.

Research Interest

  • Coastal ocean processes: cross-shelf dynamics,upwelling /uplift
  • Sub-mesoscale / mesoscale eddies
  • Western Boundary Currents
  • Moorings, ocean gliders, HF radars
  • High resolution regional modelling

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